Lost City

Thunder cuts me open
Raging inside of me
Like dreams half-made

Your body of lights
Into the changing sky

Ten wet fingers
A mane of clouds

Two open eyes
For the rise and fall

Of the land
Of your chest
Sweet gentle breath

Even softer still
Each drop
From the sky
From your eyes
Feeling its way back
To the lost city
Of your heart

Drunk on darkness
Kissed with fight
You are dreadfully


I know there are larger
Real world issues
But tonight
I have no interest
In life
Outside of you

The energy between
Our bodies
The heat between
Our bones
Has a life of its own

Bursts of passion
Ignite beneath our skin
Hunting down my sanity
Until all I can breathe
Is your taste

If desire could kill
I would’ve died
Countless times
For your touch

With your arms
Around me
With your love
Beside me

I am as I was
Meant to be


Ocean of You

I’ve smelled love
In bombfires and ocean air
Wet wool nights and ashes

I’ve seen love
On the horizon of shadows
Of dreams refusing to set

I’ve tasted love
On the lips of a slow goodbye
In a handful of Sunday coffee

I’ve heard love
Echoing in barren lands
Where it had no sense in being

But I’d never held love before
Through the terror of all senses
Until you crawled into my arms
Under my skin
Into my blood
Making my body
A home of memories
Making my heart
An ocean of you

Back to Black

Night will paint you black like a sky of timid stars waiting for the moon to rise. Let it. The dawn will break as it did the day before, but this time the light feels different on your heart. Let it in. The sun will overpower the sky, beating down on your skin, beckoning your exposure. Answer with vulnerability. You are a woman of all seasons. A woman of all phases. In your light, in your dark, in your knowing, in your wandering…you are beautiful. Know this. Treasure this. Then let it all go. You have nothing to prove, your wisdom lays in your openness to discover. To embrace the unknown. Fly now, as you were always meant to. You were built to endure. Build to burn and rise again. You have the courage to leap and to fall. You are designed to house the world inside your pulsing soul and soft fingertips. Never forget your greatest tools lay within. You are a creator. Come back to nature and you will come back to yourself.


Heavy dose of fog on the horizon slowly dissolving. Early morning bone chill. Craving gardenias and a soul infusion. Seeing beyond the flower into the roots of the bloom. The rain and dirt. Dark nights and dropped petals. The ever-changing path of growth. Timeless. Boundless. Inevitable. You blossom where you have allowed yourself to travel. Where you have allowed yourself to unfold. Where you have opened yourself to the impossible. Your beauty is deeper than what can be seen by the eyes alone. So feel deeper, you are layers upon layers of potential waiting to be found.